Since 2014, Orlando took measures to build a new kind of sports district, the beautiful Lake Nona. Lake Nona is close to the Orlando International Airport and is unlike any other kind of district in the area. Many of the practices that come from this beautiful district include sports medicine as well as many sports like rugby and aquatics. Lake Nona is considered more than a ‘sports district,’ though. Since its creation, the creators have rethought it as a mixed-sports district and more than just business by a stadium. Instead, it is the first of its kind to also contain a medical district next to a performance center, giving something to everybody.

But the residential community of Lake Nona is what we really want to focus on –where those who can’t get enough of sciences and sports enjoy living and watching the gorgeous sights as they change around them. The residential living community includes a great school for children with a YMCA that seconds as a gym and Internet speeds that are over 200 times as fast as the Internet that you probably have in your own home. One interesting fact about the area is that residents are all about wellness. For instance, 30% of the residents living there participate in a study that tracks how they live in the community and their health.

So Much to See and Do

Lake Nona sports Lake Nona never has a shortage of things to do in its district. In 2017, the U.S, Tennis Association opened a specialized center for pro and recreational tennis types. The Orlando City SC is also building a training complex that is 23 acres across and thinking about ideas of where to put rugby headquarters. As you can see, sports are evolving and integrating into every single area of Lake Nona. And it’s more than just sports – it’s other healthy options like boarding houses, nutrition centers, and options for those to enjoy these measures from everywhere in the world.

It is projected that Lake Nona will be the hotspot for many people who enjoy sports and everything about wellness. Lake Nona started out somewhere around 300 residents, according to Jim Gray, commissioner of Orlando City. However, within a few years, he and many others project that 100,000 people or more will live there. Is Lake Nona all about growth? Indeed it is.

Medical professionals can also find their place in Lake Nona with work opening up in the Florida Hospital Health Park of Lake Nona, Nemours Children’s Hospital, and Orlando VA Medical Center – all medical centers that you can find in this ‘small but growing’ district. Do you love everything about Orlando and all the excitement that we watch unfold right in front of our eyes as new opportunities evolve in the city? At J.P. Capital Realty, we want to help you find the home you’re looking for as you dictate which community perfectly suits your needs. Give us a call today for more information at 407-962-6888.