Snapshots of the Green Mountain Scenic Byway

June 19, 2015

It’s in Central Florida!

By Natashia E Ford

I recently took a drive through part of the Green Mountain Scenic Byway, which honestly I never knew existed until last week.

If you’re into beautiful, rural drives this one is definitely for you.

The Green Mountain Scenic Byway is located in east Lake County and west Orange County in Central Florida, along the western and southern shores of Lake Apopka. If you have the opportunity to take the drive midweek, in early morning or evening that would be best, especially if you want to pull over and capture a couple of photos. The buzz is that it’s a hotspot for Sunday drivers.

Sugarloaf  – Florida’s scenic mountain

Sugarloaf Mountain is the highest point in peninsular Florida at 312 feet above sea level, and the views are amazing! I drove up the mountain, but it’s also very popular with bicyclists — the ones who REALLY want a challenge.

From the lens of an amateur photographer

I drove through Ferndale and Montverde — both small towns, but oh so charming. I thoroughly enjoyed photographing such a scenic drive (I snapped over 100 pictures). I’m sharing a few of them here to entice you to checkout the byway for yourself.

Plan your visit to the Green Mountain Scenic Byway at

P.S. During my drive, I noticed a few “home for sale” signs, and passed by the luxury community Bella Collina. If you’re interested in buying or renting a home in this fabulous area call Jason Palinkas from J.P. Capital Realty 407 962-6888.

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